Eczema and itchy kids.

Beth Hutchings 1
Eczema and a couple of tips… how to help your little ones.
Eczema flare ups are common especially with children or adults who have a family history of the condition. Eczema is a rash most commonly found on the arms and behind the knees, but it can also appear on the body including the neck, back, torso, hands, feet and face. Having the urge to itch can be overwhelming. It can be a vicious cycle because the more you scratch the skin, the itchier the skin becomes. If you can control the urge to itch this will definitely help reduce the discomfort. If you are a parent with a small child suffering with eczema, it can be a tough task trying to prevent your little one from scratching… so what do you do? Babies and toddlers can be dressed in anti-scratch garments (it’s important to note, they make these for adults too). These eczema garments come in various forms. Fabrics are 100% natural, usually seamless and quite often difficult to take off. They make anti-scratch mittens or anti-scratch sleeves for babies and toddlers. Very effective and they will definitely help stop the scratching habit (great for night time or nap time). These seal over the hands and prevent tiny fingers from scratching the skin. Try your luck on Google… type in eczema garments, eczema clothing and you should see a number of companies offering a range of quality products. Bath time can be a tough time if you’re a parent with a child with eczema. Try to avoid soap at all costs. Soap will dry out the skin and increase the likelihood of eczema flare ups. Avoid hot baths. Hot baths can also dry the skin out. Instead opt for a lukewarm bath or even a cool bath if your child will tolerate it. Remember you don’t want to stress your child. Stress is another contributing factor when it comes to preventing eczema. If you need any support or advice with your own eczema problem, send us an email [email protected] We’re here to help you.