Thank you, Thank you! My daughter is 19 months old and was so miserable and scratching all day. She slept all night without crying or scratching. Now she tells us where to apply the ointment because it helps her so much.”

Vicky Evangelou / Melbourne VIC

Our son developed eczema not long after he was born. He’s nearly five now and still suffers with outbreaks. But just a few days of Robertson’s ointment at the first signs (scratching) and it keep it at bay. The best thing is we are only on our third jar in nearly 4 years of discovering it and we never have to worry about it being a problem anymore. We can’t thank you enough Robertson’s.

David and Chaksana Aulert

My 11 month old suffers with eczema terrible in patches mainly his hands.This was after using Robertson’s Skin Repair Ointment for 3 weeks.

Stacey Grainger

I have suffered with eczema on my hands for over thirty years and the itch was horrendous. I can’t thank you enough!

Deborah Purdy

My son Leo got eczema when he was 4 months old. As a little baby he would constantly rub his legs up and down the carpet trying to relieve his own itch. It wasn’t until we were told about Robertson’s Skin Repair Ointment that we actually got some relief. Your product relieved the symptoms of his eczema, treated the inflamed skin and made his skin very manageable. Thank you so much.

Hayley Jack

My son has been troubled with eczema since he was 2 years old and he’s now 6. I am so pleased we got to try this ointment. He now doesn’t scratch. His skin is changing and becoming smooth… He now likes holding hands. Thank you.

Nicola Greenwood