Aliyah’s eczema

Aliyah Mahmood 1

Hi I just wanted to leave a comment for anyone who may be a little skeptical about using this ointment. I’m the type of person who does not really suffer from any breakouts I always tend to have clear skin, however a couple of months ago random aggressive skin reactions atarted to appear on my ears, hands, wrists, arms, neck and chest area. All the areas were inflammed and i had the constant urge to just itch especially through the night which was a nightmare literally. I went to see my doctor about it she advised me to have an allergy test done to determine if it was an allergic reaction to something i may have eaten or come in to contact with but everything came back negative. So I was told it appears to look like i had early symptoms of eczema. I was prescribed with steroid creams which although did calm the inflammation they did not actually heal any of the affected areas. I had never suffered from eczema ever and I am 26 now so it was strange for it to just appear out of thin air. I had come across reviews of robertsons eczema relief on facebook before my eczema started, and had seen all the amazing reviews so as a cry for help ordered a jar. At first when i tried it I admit the areas where i had applied the treatment seemed to have gotten worse, so for a while i stopped using it but was still determined to give it a try as it had helped so many people it could potentially work for me right? Thats exactly what happened!! After consistent applications and trust in this ointment all the affected areas have actually cleared up and my skin is back to normal and to top things off I have no scarring so there a no signs of the eczema anywhere on my body. The only downside to this ointment is the smell but honestly for the results it provides thats completely minor. If you are somebody who is suffering from eczema just give this a go be persistent and you will see for yourself how wonderful it is. Good Luck ?All
Aliyah Mahmood